Scholarship winners chosen for Brown Music Competition

Darren Li
Molly Hotek

The 2023 Brown Music Competition was held over the weekend and winners were chosen for the Betty F. Brown and Anna Newell Brown scholarships.

According to Heritage Fund: The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County, Columbus North Senior Darren Li won the Betty F. Brown Awards for Instrumental Excellence for his violin performances. North senior Molly Hotek won the Anna Newell Brown Awards for Vocal Excellence.

Both students will receive a $3,500 scholarship award.

22 students participated in the competition, with three seniors receiving instrumental awards and one senior vocalist receiving an award.


  • Aislinn Tian, marimba, $2,000
  • Grace Riordan, clarinet, $750
  • Jacob Strietelmeier, piano, $750


  •  Ethan Burton, baritone, $1,000

Five underclass award winners were also chosen for instrumentalist and for vocalist.


  • Jasmine Yang, piano, $1,700
  • Ethan Deak, euphonium, $1,500
  • Grace Huang, piano, $600
  • Sreepadaarchana Munjuluri, violin, $600
  • Rishabh Rajesh, share drum, $600


  • Gavin Foley, tenor, $2,500• Austin Clark, baritone, $2,000
  • Amelia Maddox, mezzo, $1,000
  • Annie Miller, alto, $500
  • Kenzie Pendleton, soprano, $500

Saturday’s competition was held at the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic’s Helen Haddad Hall.

Photos courtesy of Heritage Fund: The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County