Pence home to be searched for more classified docs

The FBI will search former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home for more classified material.

The Wall Street Journal reports the search will occur in the coming days as the DOJ is in talks with Pence’s legal team. This comes after Pence’s attorneys recently disclosed several documents with classified markings were found at his home and later turned over to authorities. Attorneys said the documents were inadvertently packed up and transported to the home. The Justice Department is also currently investigating President Biden and former President Trump’s handling of classified material.

Senators are calling on the Attorney General and National Intelligence Director for access to documents found in President Biden and former Vice President Pence’s homes. Democratic Senator Mark Warner and Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote a letter following up on a 2022 request they made for access to documents seized from Trump’s Florida home. Now, they’re extending that request to Biden and Pence’s documents.

Story courtesy of our news-gathering partners at TTWN Media Networks Inc.