Schneck postponing surgeries as COVID surges

Schneck Medical Center is putting into place its surge plans, in response to the rising number of COVID-19 cases. That means some surgeries may be delayed.

According to the Seymour hospital, surgeries that require an inpatient admission after surgery, but can be safely postponed, may be delayed.

These postponements will allow Schneck Medical Center to conserve intensive medical resources, such as hospital beds and supplies. Additionally, this will allow caregivers to be reassigned to treat COVID-19 and non-COVID hospitalized patients.

Any patient affected by this will be directly notified and given further instructions. Any postponed procedures will be rescheduled after the surge subsides.

Schneck will continue to provide care for urgent situations and emergency patients.

Schneck is urging the community to get vaccinated, to mask up, to social distance, to wash hands, and to stay home when they are sick.

Dr. Eric Fish, the hospital’s President & CEO, said “This is as dire a situation as we have seen since this pandemic began. “