Sheriff: Get addiction help before you overdose

The Bartholomew County Sheriff is urging those with addictions to get help before they overdose and possibly die.

The sheriff’s department reports that deputies found an unconscious man in the back of a vehicle Sunday and both methamphetamine and a syringe were in plain view. But after being revived, the man seemed more concerned about the drugs than the fact that he was actually alive, according to police.

Sheriff Matt Myers says that the community has spent a lot of money to help people get off drugs, including an in-jail treatment program at the Bartholomew County Jail. But he said the bottom line is that it is an individual’s decision to get the help that they need.

He also suggested that family members and friends talk to those who are addicted and need help.

You can get information about treatment options by calling the ASAP Hub at 812-418-8705.