State troopers warn of scammers spoofing law enforcement

Indiana State Police are warning of an ongoing scam that tries to get you to pay money to solve an outstanding warrant, claiming to be a phone call from state troopers.

According to state police reports, scammers are spoofing caller ID, making the call appear to come from a state police post, and with the state police post phone number. The scammers then pretend to be troopers telling you that there is a warrant for your arrest and then they try to get you to disclose personal and financial information to supposedly take care of the fake warrant.

But state police will not call asking for your social security number, bank account or credit card numbers. The recent calls claim to come from State Police Post 52 with a 317 area code.

State police say that these these types of phone scammers are persuasive and technically savvy. Scammers will often play on your emotions and fears to get to your money.

The easiest way to protect yourself from being scammed over the phone is either to ignore unsolicited calls from unknown callers or just hang up when something doesn’t seem right.

You should NEVER provide any information over the phone to an unknown caller.

If you feel you may have fallen victim to a phone scammer immediately report the incident to your local law enforcement agency.