Two Jennings County students arrested over threat accusations

Two students were arrested at Jennings County High School Monday morning after threats were made to the school.

According to information from the North Vernon Police Department, a school resource officer was notified by Jennings County High School staff about an incident reported by a student. The witness overheard another student make an intimidating statement threatening the school while getting off of a bus. The student was identified and taken from the classroom. A search of the student’s backpack did not find anything dangerous. However, the student allegedly admitted to making the threatening statement. With the aid of Jennings County Juvenile Probation, the student was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention facility.

Later that morning, the school staff received more information about the bomb threat last week sent by iPhone air drop. The student was interviewed by detectives and police say she admitted to sending the message in the cafeteria that led to the school’s evacuation on Thursday. She was arrested on a charge of intimidation.

Police say that statements made through social media or electronically are treated the same as if the threats were made in person. Officers encourage parents to impress upon their children the severity of the students’ actions and their consequences.